Kiln Verification Service

The USDA-APHIS requires a “phytosanitary certificate” for companies to ship lumber abroad.  The certificate involves a kiln verification/calibration.

The USDA has approved MFPA as a third party verifier to complete these inspections.      

Why choose MFPA? 
Currently when a company calls USDA-APHIS to request a phytosanitary certificate, it could be a week or more before the USDA inspector can get to the facility to conduct the inspection.  If you want to convenience of not waiting, then our kiln inspection service is for you.     

How it works:
MFPA inspectors will certify that the kiln(s) are recording the correct temperature reading by conducting an independent evaluation using a hygrometer(s) located in specified places in the kiln. The hygrometer readings will be compared to the company kiln charts to detect any discrepancies. This will be conducted one time per year.

Additionally, MFPA inspectors will randomly test the moisture content of kiln dried lumber to ensure that the moisture content is below 20 percent. Random inspections will occur every other month, six times per year.

Inspection and verification documents will be submitted to the appropriate USDA-APHIS office following each inspection.

$250 per inspection, per facility location, regardless of the number of kilns at each location.  However, individual companies with multiple kiln facility locations will be subject to the monthly inspection fees per location.

Note: The phyto-certificate from USDA-APHIS will still cost $106.00 for a commercial phyto, $61.00 for a non-commercial phyto, and $15.00 for a replacement.

Please contact Brian Brookshire via email at or phone at 573-634-3252 with questions or to sign up for this service.